We’ve been at the cutting edge of the music industry breaking boundaries as DJs, artist agents and event planners throughout the dance revolution and are proud of our rock solid reputation. We know the business inside out and are always ahead of the game. We live and breathe the music, embrace the life and celebrate the celebrity.

We offer experience, expertise and excellence in representing celebrity, club and radio DJs. Successfully trend spotting with our fingers always on the pulse and beat-matching the music industry through every evolution. Our media personalities and DJs give your event the edge that will have the cool-hunters begging for a place on the guest list. We also represent popular personalities and schedule their PA’s. We meet all your needs for DJs and PA’s.

We represent the best in the business, international and home-grown DJ talent. Personality, charisma and dynamic deck skills from acknowledged crowd pleasers and established DJs as well as the fresh faces and rising stars of the circuit. Our spotters recognise fresh talent and have the proven skills to promote their careers whilst also representing established celebrities.