The fascination for underground dance music first began with the emergence of the Acid House towards the end of 1986. This brand new scene, with its revolutionary sound of synthesized Acid/Tech induced a deep musical interest which led onto Sound Production classes at S.A.E. At which time, armed with an impressive collection of vinyl acquired through restless musical pursuit, invitations to play at private parties began coming in. A natural progression into the London club scene from industry colleagues prevailed.

In late 2010, after a move into the world of underground event promotion began.

Playing alongside acts such as DJuma Soundsystem, Junior Jack & Kid Creme, Saytek, Milton Jackson, Victor Simonelli, Nicky Holloway, Joe Le Groove, NiCe7, Seb Fontaine, Super Flu and Kevin Griffith, her edgy progressions of Deep Detroit/Chicago-spiked House, Nu Disco, Tech-groove and Bassline continue to secure regular bookings.

Currently holding 4 London residencies, Jewels hosts her own show on leading underground station Passion FM. Now following a path back into production, find an original sound which resonates back to the days where it first began. Acid House may have moved on and the scene changed, but the fascination remains the same.